Essentail Oils

Essential Oils:  My Story           

As a yoga teacher I sometimes used lavender oil in classes during relaxation.  I didn’t really know anything scientific about essential oils.  Then a colleague from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition taught a class about the Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils from Young Living.  I didn’t know there was a difference in oil quality.  I was amazed at the uses for these oils and how they could replace medicines and cleaning products. The care and attention Young Living puts into creating these oils is fascinating. I immediately ordered the Start Living with Everyday Oils kit and haven’t yet reached the limit of their uses.  As I live the Young Living Lifestyle I experience Wellness, Purpose and Abundance.

Young Living Everyday Oils

First time offering to a stranger:

Shortly after receiving the kit I attended a safe driving class to reduce the cost of my auto insurace.  The instructor was moving very slowly and had to turn her whole body rather than just her head because she had had a stiff neck for several days.  She said nothing had helped, not pain killers, not muscle relaxers.  During the break I offered her PanAway, a blend of several oils that could help alleviate pain.  She rubbed 2 drops on her neck and immediately turned her head left and right with no pain!  We were both surprised at the rapid relief. 

Ongoing Uses for the Oils:

Now I carry a selection of oils with me all the time.  I’ve used Lavender on headache and burns.  I’ve used Lemon in my bottle of water for a lift.  I have used Peppermint to rub on my stomach when I have overeaten. I offered Peppermint to a friend suffering from a hot flash.  We put one drop on the back of her neck and she cooled off.  These oils have helped me, my family and friends in many ways.  I even teach an Aroma Yoga workshop using the oils to enhance the experience.

For more information:

If you want to know more about Young Living Essential Oils, you can check out my essential oils informational website where you may view videos and read more.  You can  also sign up for an informative newsletter that will come occasionally to tell you more about the oils.

On that website you can learn how to purchase the oils at discount as an independent distributor or at retail.  Feel free to contact me if you want to learn more.